Here’s to Blue Hill’s Brewery!

Blue Hill’s Brewery is located in Canton, Massachusetts on the South Shore. The brewery makes great tasting beers inspired by the elements and nature around us; embracing the rich history of the Blue Hills and the South Shore of Massachusetts. Stop by our Hoppy Hour to taste Blue Hill’s Brew! This month we are featuring the following:

Dunkelweizen- This is a dark German Heffeweizen, better known as a Dunkelweissen (dunkel means dark in German). They accomplish this through a generous addition of dark roasted malts which add not only the color but an overlay of chocolatey and roasted flavors. A complex beer with a rich flavor matrix stemming from a grain bill that’s more than 60% wheat, German Noble hops and fermented using our Bavarian yeast strain. At 6.9% ABV, it is a great balance between strength and grace.

Blue Hills IPA- These beers were originally brewed from the British Merchant vessels sailing to and from India. To endure the long voyages these beers were brewed to higher alcohol content and used an abundant amount of hops as preservative to stabilize the beer. The I.P.A. has a fiery amber color and weighs in at 6.6% ABV. We use a blend of American hops to give it citrus, almost tangerine aroma from the top of the glass. As you drink the beer you can taste the sweet creamy caramel malt roll over your tongue.

Check out Blue Hill’s website to see what other beers they have to offer! CLICK HERE